Workplace Fire Safety

A fire in an office or store can be devastating to your community. In addition to potential deaths and property loss, people may lose their jobs and the community may lose a vital service provided by the businesses. 

Did you know:

There were 16,500 office and store fires in the United States in 2020 that caused $932 million in direct property damage.

Source: National Fire Incident Reporting System

Many causes of office and store fires are the same as those for home fires. This easy-to-share presentation contains safety tips for employers and employees on electrical, heating and cooking fire safety, and escape plans.

Messages to share with employees

Workplace Fire Safety Handout 

2023 Fire Prevention Week Campaign

October 8-14, 2023

This year’s Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW™) campaign, “Cooking safety starts with YOU. 

Pay attention to fire prevention™,” works to educate everyone about simple but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe when cooking.