Wisconsin MOVE OVER Law

Drivers must provide a safety zone for stopped law enforcement, emergency and maintenance vehicles.

To help safeguard law enforcement officers, emergency responders, road maintenance workers, and others who work on the side of highways, Wisconsin has a "Move Over Law" (Wis. Stat. s. 346.072).

The law requires drivers to shift lanes or slow down in order to provide a "safety zone" for a squad car, ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, utility vehicle, or highway maintenance vehicle that is stopped on the side of a road with its warning lights flashing.

Drivers have two options for creating a safety zone:

Failure of motorists to move over is one of the reasons that motor vehicle crashes kill more law enforcement officers on duty than any other cause.

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In 2018, firefighter Chad Hirte was working to clear a scene on US 10 with emergency lights flashing when his fire engine was struck from behind. He was hospitalized as a result of the incident. #MoveOver #SlowDown #TrafficIncidentResponseAwarenessWeek